Kenelm Tonkin, Managing Director

Kenelm Tonkin has been managing marketing data since August 2000 with the launch of Law & Finance and later for Tonkin Data, the List Shop, Parliamentary Life and Tonkin Corporation. He has spun-off a proprietary data operation, created large-scale data centres and divested a number of industry vertical databases. Kenelm oversees the call centre telephone verification teams and project manages a team of programmers skilled in data extract, load and transfer developments. Kenelm serves on the Advisory Board of LegacyShield, a New Jersey based software as a service company in the financial planning industry. He was recognised nationally for his business acumen by three separate admissions to the BRW Fast 100 list and as a business columnist for the prestigious Australian Financial Review.


Andrew Allen, Chief Information Officer

Andrew Allen spearheads technical direction for List Marketeer’s proprietary systems and leads a team of nine programming specialists. His technical experience spans leadership roles in data management, knowledge process outsourcing and air travel amongst several other data-centric industries. In this latter role, Andrew received industry acclaim for creating a worldwide flight information system trusted by in excess of 200 million passengers every year. Andrew’s career includes technology assignments in four continents and mastery over several computer languages. He was conferred two degrees in computer engineering and computer science.

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