Quality Guarantee

You have learned we are meticulous. We are dedicated to checking our information with an old-fashioned telephone call. You have discovered we are mercilessly strict in only releasing data updated within the last 8 weeks. And you appreciate that we are committed to these two rules as if our lives depended on them, even though they are tough to commercially deliver.

The result is something easy - our Quality Guarantee. It's easy to offer this because history shows you will never need to rely on it:
                                                                 List Marketeer gives you a 95% accuracy guarantee on all our lists.
                                                              Give us the Contact ID numbers of any contacts with a hard email bounce,
                                                             disconnected telephone number or return-to-sender address within 14 days
                                                   of receiving the data from us and you will secure an immediate credit for replacement data.

So, we offer you marketing lists telephone-verified the hard and reliable way, updated no later than the last 8 weeks, all with a Quality Guarantee backed by immediate replacement data.

Now, it doesn't really get better than that. You cannot lose!

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