You can buy marketing lists of varying quality from other places. That is your choice.

If you are a marketer who buys a $69.95 compact list of a million names scraped hotchpotch from an Indian sweatshop, sprays and expects a 43% bounce, disconnect or return-to- sender rate, List Marketeer is not for you.

List Marketeer is fastidious about smart targeting and data accuracy. Here’s how you can tell the difference:

95% Accuracy Guarantee
You are safe with List Marketeer because our 95% Accuracy Guarantee protects you. We back ourselves financially to deliver for you. You gain high quality data and low error rates.
Lightning Fast Delivery
You secure your list in an amazing 3 minutes. Our award-winning self-serve data purchase system means the 5 day back and forth with a list broker is now dramatically crunched to just minutes. It’s an Australian first!
You Keep The Data
With List Marketeer, you actually take possession of this list. If you have the luxury of years, you can build LinkedIn connection networks and obtain a list of gmail emails. If you’re under a time constraint, you can buy InMails for $10 per contact but you never receive a list. You can advertise on LinkedIn. You never obtain the list. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus hoard their data from you.
8 Week Updates
Wow! List Marketeer updates its entire database every 8 weeks. So it’s fresh and accurate.
Channel Exclusivity
Elsewhere, lists are sold and resold mercilessly. By the time you use the data, it’s old, fatigued and stale. List Marketeer offers you channel exclusivity. If you choose, you can shut out your competition from access to your selected data. It’s a list monopoly!
17 Data Sources
List Marketeer data is a unique combination of 17 different Australian sources. Because we’re not a solitary database, we instigate sophisticated cross-reference processes to provide you greater market penetration and accuracy.
We’re An Owner Not A Broker
List Marketeer owns the data we offer. Therefore we look after this asset with the care of an owner. We are not a list broker relying on some other database owner. With List Marketeer, you deal with the owner directly, no intermediaries.
Telephone Verification
List Marketeer calls every company on your list to verify all details: first name, last name, job title, company, address, city, state, postcode, telephone and more. We conduct company research by phone to determine corporate information such as employee size and sub-industries. Most list providers just scrape inaccurate data from the Internet. This yields a low ROI for you and we won’t do it.
Revenue Results
Though List Marketeer customers have varying freedom to disclose revenue success from our lists, we can say with certainty that more than $42 million in revenue has been generated by clients using our data since August 2000. We think the true figure is vastly more. Whether you are at liberty to reveal your results, you can be guaranteed that List Marketeer will at least have the care to ask how your campaign fared.
Experienced Management
List Marketeer’s management are data experts. It’s all they do. They create data, append data, flag data, delete data, sort data, reindex data, cleanse data and generally just plain obsess over data. Their experience in this area commenced in August 2000.

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